Walkers Inn Low Season to High Season

Well, there we go, the low season is almost over! The teacher volunteers have all left, no more until November.

I want to say a big thank you to Ken, Michelle, John and Sue at Volunteer Teachers Thailand for all their support over the last few months. I cannot write enough about all the volunteers who have stayed here, we have had some great times, met some great people who i know are going to go on to bigger things.

Team Fish and Yolo, to name a few, but there are too many people to mention here. I want to wish each and every one of you guys good luck for the future. I would also like to thank all the ones who took Enya under their wing, thats all of you 😉

From my wife Joo, Enya and myself, love and best wishes to you all.

Walkers Inn's Volunteers

Walkers Inn’s Volunteers

Back to the future

We now have to get ready for the fast approaching high season. There are still loads of jobs to do and hard work ahead, but I am confident Joo will manage.

The Walkers Inn Restaurant will be adding some new dishes to the menu as well as serving our favourites to hopefully build on our already good reputation.

We are looking forward to seeing new and old friends and divers return and also welcoming new guests and returning guests.

Thank you again to all customers and guests for your support, it is you that makes it all worthwhile.

So now to high season, BRING IT ON!!!